Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving/Native Americans/Pilgrims PART 2

Real or Nonsense word work. Good  NWF practice when we DIBEL.

1 of 2 'shopping' cut/glue activities I do. My neighbor teachers save their Thanksgiving and Christmas ads for me from the Sunday paper.

Foam beads from Oriental Trading. We did sorting and patterning with them. I also did some fine motor work with stringing on a pipe cleaner and we made a simple yarn necklace.

Pick a turkey, write the popcorn word, spell with a friend, use in a sentence, read at home.

Ending Sound work.

Roll the dice, write the number, draw the feather. I saw a similar idea on Mrs. Lee's blog.

This is not my idea. It come from Growing Kinders inspiration. I made something similar for Christmas.

After reading "Pilgrim Children Had Many Chores" and "Sarah Morton " and "Samuel Eaton" over a period of a few days we came up with a list of chores and things we do vs. Pilgrims. I typed them up and we did a whole group lesson with this.

Beginning and ending sound cornucopia labeling. This took much work and effort!!

Thanksgiving goodies graph. Whole group math lesson.

Something I did on the fly. We were at Cracker Barrel for the thousandth time and I saw these cute Dover sticker books for 1.50. I bought a few, put some of the stickers on then laminated some of the stickers and added velcro for a quick storytelling activity. The kids loved this. I bought a couple others as well.

Roll the dice, write the number. Good number writing  and numeral recognition practice.

Sound out the word, write the word, draw the picture.

Some of the pictures I used ( I wanted 3 letter words for this one) bug, mom (kangaroo w/ joey in pouch), web, pig, pet (hamster sticker in a fish tank).

Match the deer with the Native American by color, sound out the word, write the missing vowel. We do Zoo Phonics so I titled this center "Dee Dee Deer's Super Sounds".

The kids loved this. I'm going to do something similar with Santa's sleigh and Christmas ads. When I checked over some of them after centers a couple of kids cut out wine bottles and Tampax! Oops.

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