Saturday, April 21, 2012

Eggs, Birds, Oviparous, Earth

Humpty Real/Nonsense

Roll dice, draw eggs in the nest.
This paper came from The kids had to sequence the pictures then write a sentence that goes with each picture. I liked that the pictures had words the kids could use in their sentences. They all did a wonderful job!

Birdseed number game

Popcorn/color word work.

The kids had to find the picture that went with the word and illustrate.

We spent one day on baby chicks.

I have a pet peeve about saying Eggs with the /eh/ sound, not the  AY sound so we discussed that and did a graph about our favorite way to eat eggs.

The kids had to pick a bird with a word on it and generate and write a sentence.

Oviparous Ollie Octopus game. Roll the dice, write the word that corresponds with the number.
Trash or Treasure real/nonsense words.

Kids unrolled the "trash" and wrote the word.

Recycling had to unscramble the words and write them correctly. They loved this!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Peter Rabbit and More!

I printed out vegetable cards and the kids wrote vegetable words to create simple sentences. I titled this  _____ McGregor's Garden so the kids used their first name as their name then "McGregor" as their last name.

Vegetable word cards.

I got this jacket pattern and traceable patterns from

Easter Eraser sort/graphing.

I free handed this! We used it for a labeling/writing activity and again during our Spring Party where we pinned the carrot on Peter's mouth.

Believe it or not I got this idea from one of my kids. We did the egg numeral/number word game below and one of my students said something about delivering baskets with eggs so I decided to use popcorn/color words as addresses.

Grab a number and write it to get the bunny to the egg. I also used these numeral cards for number identification and stamp.

Roll 2 dice dots, write the number and add together. 

I did a quick mapping lesson with Peter Rabbit. The kids had to write  a compass w/ NSEW and they had to do a garden and a gate as part of their map key but many of the kids added other, creative choices like the pond, the Rabbit Family tree, the potting shed and the door where Peter sees the mouse with the peas in her mouth.

Each egg had a scrambled popcorn word in it.

During this center the kids made a picture using some of my veggie stickers. We did this activity after reading "Strega Nona's Harvest". The kids all said their little farmer boy was "Big Anthony".


This was challenging for some! I'm going to have to do this again. The kids had to roll 2 numeral dice and write the number then next to that write turn the numbers around and write a different number.

dice game

Matching spelling patterns and writing words

Painting after reading "Rechenka's Eggs"

My student teacher ran this center, She held up a number card then the kids had to write the next 3 numbers in sequence.

Easy once I modeled a few times!

Dice game

This is the game that inspired the above "Speedy Delivery"game. Matching number words with numerals.