Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thanksgiving/Native Americans/Pilgrims PART 1

Indian Corn Colors at Centers

Stamp, trace, color

I gave the kids a dice with six letters written on it (z, x, g, u, q, s). I had them roll and write to  get the turkey to the corn.

Picking turkey number cards from the corn then bingo dotting the number they picked.

Egg carton shake and write activity.

I had a mom volunteer decorate the egg cartons, aren't they cute!

Indian corn painting with q tips then we wrote the next day.

"Bunches of Spelling" with haystack medial vowels. The kids just had to supply the beginning and ending sound.

Working with the words "I, See, The" and seasonal vocabulary words. I love the colorful scrapbooking paper I used to mount the pictures on.

Kids rolled a numeral dice then drew the correct number of dots (corn kernels) to feed the turkey.

Writing number words to match the numeral.

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