Monday, April 11, 2011

Garden Unit Part 1

Not garden related but we did a piggy bank book using paper coins and making coin combinations.

I've collected various seed packets over the years so I put them in a basket and had the kids make a seed web. They used the packet to illustrate and write the name of the seed.

This center idea came from Mrs. Lee, she even sent me the printable!

I don't know if this book is newer but I recently got it from a book order and it is very cute, especially if your kids like Strega Nona.

I love books written by Zoe Hall and illustrated by Shari Halpern. My friend who teaches down the hall is retiring and she gave me this big book.

Can't figure out how to rotate this one but we read various "Jack and the Beanstalk" stories and filled out a story map.

I have various laminated pictures of fruits and vegetables. After reading "Eating the Alphabet" by Lois Ehlert the kids did this in a center. 

Picture/letter cards from Build, write, illustrate center.

Planting sunflower seeds. I found clear cups and we put one seed on the side (so we can watch the roots grow) and two other seeds in the middle.

Another printable from Mrs. Lee!! I made carrots with color words on them. The kids picked a carrot, wrote the color word on the paper and colored the carrot the appropriate color word color.

Leftover vegetable stickers from Oriental Trading and some clip art from DJInkers. 

Gabby was convinced if she 'warmed' her sunflower up it would grow faster.

Shopping list cards are from and I had the kids copy and make their own shopping list then the kids added up the number of vegetables from their list.

The seeds we planted are sunflower seeds. I love this story and the kids are excited to see  their sunflower grow. Next week, more garden, flowers, watching our sunflower grow, Peter Rabbit and Mr. McGregor.

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