Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bargain Shopping

I got these cute community helper/family finger puppets at IKEA.

These plastic kid sized grocery sacks were on sale at Michael's for $1.00 each. I bought 4 and put them in my kitchen center.

These were 2 for a dollar at Michael's on clearance. They are wooden cookies (not magnetic). I bought four packages.

Seed packets from Drug Mart...10 for a dollar.

I taped some of our high frequency words on the bottom of the wooden cookies for a center this week. The kids will flip over a cookie w/ a spatula and write the word or circle it on a pre-made word search. I haven't decided exactly.

These are ice cube trays for "ice sticks" . You freeze water in them and can fit ice in water bottles. They were taped together, four for a dollar at Dollar Tree. I thought they would make good patterning trays. 

Ok, I have at least two of these and they are expensive. Who knows where they are! My son says they are in storage but where. I have a certificate for 8 butterfly larvae but I can't find the netting house you put them in once they spin their cocoon so I found something else at the Dollar Tree....

A wire trash can (turned upside down). The holes are too small for the butterflies to get out of. As long as I put something underneath, we should be able to release them safely. Plus, I might be able to clean this out a little better than the netted one. Once the Monarch butterflies hatch they have a reddish liquid (looks like blood but it isn't) which is actually what makes their wing color. Next post, "Garden" unit Part 1.

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  1. We need to go shopping TOGETHER! What wonderful finds!!! I love a good bargain, especially when I can use it in creative ways in the classroom. You go girl!