Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 1

I have been neglectful of this blog! Week 1 and the weeks leading up to school is just so overwhelming! 
This is a chalk drawing from Ben Glenn. He was our Opening Meeting motivational speaker. He was wonderful! He talked about the challenges of being Learning Disabled and having ADHD. Here is his website: Ben Glenn

Simple pattern block shape gluing.

Square Bear

After reading "A Color Of His Own" and talking about differences and tolerance we colored our own chameleon.

After reading "Mouse Count" I had my strugglers practice putting the numbered mice in jars 0-10. I think I got these mice cards from

Simple shape file folder game.

This year we are doing "How Full is Your Bucket". Our guidance counselor is leading us through it wide. So our first intro lesson was determining 'good' versus 'bad' character traits.

Simple graph activity for the first day.

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