Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blog Hoppin' ....Where it All Goes Down Wednesday

Calendar Area....although this is from last year, I've already changed it for this year !

Reading Area. My kids love the board books, I Spy books and theme books I put out each month. I also have a good supply of ZooBooks, Zoo Babies and National Geographic Kids Animal magazines.

Class Jobs. I've changed this for this year, too but it is pretty similar.

My  Blue Pocket Chart! This is from the first month of school obviously. Weekly I put in some kind of simple , predictable sentence strips or a poem of some sort. I use the pocket chart in various center activities during that week.

We have a bank of 10 computers in our lab. So half of my class goes one day , the other half the next day. We have software programs and use programs like starfall, pbskids, razkids, etc.

Monthly Theme Bookshelf

I love my flannelboard area! I have tons tons tons of flannelboard shapes, characters, story retelling stuff, etc. and a lot of finger puppets. There are tons of great ideas to use literacy with flannelboard!

What class isn't complete with a rocking chair for read alouds?

Each child has their own box for supplies such as markers, number tiles, spaceman for journal writing, dry erase marker, etc. The white boxes at the top are for lost or community supplies.

Sorting, patterning, counting, graphing boxes

Leveled readers for Guided Reading

Center organization chart. I have tons of ways I use this...

Easel with chart paper. Love love love this. 

"gray carpet" gathering area also doubles as a center

Red work buckets and orange pencil baskets for community supplies. Each table has a red work bucket for glue, scissors and crayons. Each table also has a pencil basket full of pencils.

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