Friday, September 23, 2011


Matching words with farm animal pictures. 

Writing beginning sounds of farm animals/farm words.

Brainstorming fall colors.

We did a lot of Little Red Hen story comparing and contrasting. In past years I've made bread or cake with my class. This particular week I just wasn't up for it. Plus I have soooo many kids this year compared to past years. I decided to bake a simple yellow cake at home the night before then have the kids help me frost, decorate, serve and clean up. They loved it!!! It was a total surprise for them.

Counting farm animals and comparing and graphing.

I assigned jobs for the kids. Some kids frosted, added sprinkles, passed out plates and forks, helped clean up, etc.

Simple cut/glue numbers in correct order 0-20.

Sorting farm animal/not a farm animal.

See, trace, write activity from the following blog...
Farm Unit

Sequencing Little Red Hen pictures.

Farm web

Farm Dice Graph game

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