Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some Organization

Here are some simple and basic ways I organize my classroom. As I'm working in there more I will post how I do centers, lesson plan book, etc. For now here are some basics. 
Each child has their own tub which I label with a laminated cutout (frog or bee) and put their name on it. They keep their markers, unfinished work, spaceman (for writing), number tiles for tiling packets and some of their readers from guided reading. The four white boxes on the top row are extra supplies. If we are in the middle of something and Tyler can't find a pink crayon, he can just go over to the white box and get one. 

Scissors, crayons, pencils, glue. 

Each table has a 'work bucket'. They are filled with glue, scissors and crayons. I don't have these filled yet because I haven't collected supplies from the kids yet. I do community supplies where each table has their own set of supplies. I allow the kids to keep their markers in their tub but other than that we share everything. I've tried doing supplies a few different ways. Because we have tables and not desks, there isn't a good storage place for personal supplies. One year I did let the kids keep their supplies in their tub but it was way too much getting up and down and if someone lost a red crayon I was constantly replacing lost supplies. I also have these skinny orange baskets I call pencil baskets. Each table has their own basket filled with 8 or so pencils.

I'm a little late on the Target posts. Everyone has posted the great deals they got at the Target dollar spot. Here are some simple matching games which I'm keeping in these cute Dr. Seuss bags. I made about 10 of them. I like how I can have the kids grab a game and take it to a quiet area of the room to play. Also good for a center, very portable. I have lots of parent volunteers and this year I  have 4 non-English speaking students. So I will have my parent volunteers use these games to play with some of those students.

Kind of a wonky picture of my room, but I have 4 tables of 4 plus 1 trapezoid shaped table and a round table. One year I had 16 kids which was perfect....4 tables of 4 but this year I'm going to have 22 so I will need the extra tables. 

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