Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break!!

I probably won't be posting anything for the next week or two. Below are the latest happenings in our classroom. Just the usual....writing, painting, games, centers, etc. Friday was our Spring Party and the kids were out of control had fun but whew I'm ready for a week off!

I printed these off of and had the kids use wikki stix to make letters. Probably more for the beginning of the year but I recently made them and had them laminated so I threw it in a center.

Writing Around the Room

This inspiration came from Mrs. Lee. I made monster cards with a CVC  word, had the kids write the word in the box then color the monster to match the card.

I have this alphabet puzzle my kids FIGHT over the pieces. So funny each year different classes argue over different things. Last year it was the penguin figurines in my arctic animal unit!

Flower activity/writing and I had the kids put their pictures in the center of the flowers.

One of my little sweeties brought in daffodils each day this week!

I got these food posters on sale last year at a teacher's store. I thought I would cut them up and do something with them but the pictures are so connected I really can't cut them apart. So I had the kids create a meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They were able to illustrate and copy the word.

Kite activity.

Working with Words. We use hi-lighters to hi-light the spelling pattern then provided our own rhyming word.

After we read this story I printed off some flower clip art pictures and we did some watercolor painting.

Each year our school has a Volunteer Appreciation Brunch and each class makes a little note or sign or poster to display at the brunch. I am able to reuse this poster each year. I printed out and laminated several DJ Inkers Kid's Fun All Year clip art and tape them to a posterboard and write the names of the students next to the pictures. Very easy and cute!

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  1. I love that poster idea. We have a tea for our volunteers in May and this might just be something I can have my students help me with.