Thursday, March 10, 2011


We brainstormed lion/lamb weather. Each day of the month we are graphing if it is a lion or lamb day.
Roll 2 dice, write the double digit number on the lamb.
From and I added the writing part where we brainstormed rhyming words.
Got this clip art from Mrs. Lee. Each bear dentist had a specific number of teeth and the kids had to x out boxes for each bear sheet.
Roll 3 dice and put them in order, smallest, middle, largest numeral
Rhyming pairs
After reading the ABC book by Dr. Seuss we did our own page for a class book. We used picture dictionaries to help with words.
I used all green Easter eggs and put a cut up high frequency word in each. The kids had to 'crack' the egg, fix the word then write.
Illustrating/labeling March words.
The kids found their favorite Dr. Seuss character and made a model out of play doh then drew a picture of what they  sculpted. Several of the kids wrote, too.
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish math with colored goldfish crackers.
The kids had a choice with this center. They could find crazy Dr. Seuss characters and illustrate OR find nonsense words and write them.
My version of Green Eggs and Ham. NOT HEALTHY. Two pink wafer cookies for ham, a vanilla wafer covered in white frosting and a green skittle for the yolk.

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  1. I make a green eggs and ham snack too, but we use strawberry poptarts (cut in half) for the ham and lime sherbert with whipped cream squirted around the sherbert for the eggs.