Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some Organization for Literacy Centers

Organization for Literacy Centers.... Linked up with

I do a mixture of literacy and math centers most days. Some of these pictures are early in the year. I'm on spring break and not really wanting to go into my classroom to get some of my organizational binders so you'll have to use your imagination. Each month I change out my books in my bookshelf for the kids to read during partner or self-selected reading time. This is just ONE area of the room for the kids to select books. I also have several book baskets of leveled readers.

This is one of my book tubs. Complete with pointers, etc. These books are leveled aa-B for this specific group of readers. 

Literacy Center binder organized by months. I do most of my teaching thematically so it is easier for me to combine everything monthly. 

Small group readers, I think I have six copies of each book leveled aa-L. We are required to do a running record weekly so we know each child's reading level. However, my guided reading groups usually change every 4 weeks. I have A-E in these two baskets because that is where most of my readers are and I can get to these books easily.

This is my all important binder. It has my schedules, (not lesson plans, I do actually use a lesson plan book), anecdotal notes, guided reading levels and list of books/lessons used and checklists galore.

This is from early in the year. I believe in doing homogeneous groups 3 times a week and heterogeneous groups 2 times a week. Mostly literacy is the homogeneous groups and math is more heterogeneous. Notice I have 'green' names on this picture and 'purple' on the one below. I am always a center and that picture is of a reading group. Most of my icons I made myself by using magazines, boardmaker or copied from various workshops. Again, this is from early in the year so the centers for this day were reading groups, dice game, construction, working with words and painting.

This is more geared for math, pattern block work, writing around the room then math game, working with words (penguin theme), sorting and flannelboard.

We have a subscription to readingatoz.com. LOVE IT!! All of the books are leveled and have printable books, lesson extensions, graphic organizers, etc. This picture was taken with one of my reading groups, a Level D reader I believe and after completing my lesson (depending on the goal) we did an extension activity.

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