Monday, March 12, 2012

March Learning

This month I am focusing on weather, Spring, St. Patrick's Day, potatoes and towards the end of March I will do some rabbit/egg things. I have more St. Patrick's and potato stuff to post the end of this week!
Tracing weather words.

Spelling cvc words

This goes with the picture cards below.

Popcorn word scramble

Nonsense / Real words

Challenging for some!

My student teacher led this center. 

I got this pattern from but I came up with the sentence mix/fix.

color word scramble

Kids roll 2 dot dice and write the two digit number. 

One of our centers this week was quiet reading with a friend. I also put out a basket of stuffed animals. The kids loved having something to cuddle with while they read.

4 letter spelling.

This response sheet came from
I think I got it last year!

Leprechaun write the room.

Word scramble with popcorn words written on potatoes!!

Roll 2 dice. Put one dice in each potato, add them together, write the answer. Once I modeled this about 3 times the kids were fine to do it independently!


  1. Oh I love it! I so want to use the Shamrock Shake with the kids tomorrow. Could I get Shamrock Shake, Digging in the Dirt and Smashed Potato Math? I love the old Irish story about the big potato. Thanks so much!!!

  2. Good Morning!
    I love your ideas. Are you selling these on TPT? You have a wonderful learning environmentfor children to interact. How many students do you have?
    Thanks so much for your wonderful pictures!