Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Part 1 / Day 100

Whew it has been crazy here! I have more Valentine activities to post next week. I didn't take many pictures this week..last week I was out for an appointment and a meeting and when you only teach 3 out of 5 days it is really hard to get into the groove! Next week won't be much better, I'm out for another appointment, we have an Inservice Day on Friday so no school  and a couple of other things are going on in our district which might make this a really 'off' week. Sad news. One of my daughter's classmates died unexpectedly. My daughter attends school in the same district in which I teach except she is at the Middle School. She had a few classes with this young man and the whole school is just in shock. Because it was so sudden a "Grief Team" has been assembled. My school is the Primary Building and the student did not have any siblings at our school so I don't anticipate any issues in our school but you never know. My daughter wants to attend the funeral, not sure when that will be, so I may need to miss another day of work this week. THEN I got an email tonight that there was a threatening note found in the boy's bathroom of our High School and classes there might be cancelled on Monday or at the very least heavy police presence will be around. Oy!
Tracing cookie cutters. They loved this.

I did this center with numbers and letters. Using numbers 0-20 was super easy so I'm making a similar center with shamrocks and using much higher numbers.

I put our high frequency words in a box, had the kids randomly take a card from the box then write the word in the bubble until they got to the end.

Three dice roll and write.

Compound word work. They LOVED this.

I had dice with pictures taped to the sides...the same pictures you see on the top of the paper. I wrote the word under the picture then made copies of the paper. When they rolled the dice they wrote the word under the picture they rolled. I did a similar game with this at Christmas.

Stamp a picture and write the beginning/ending sound. One of my little ones came up to me tearfully and said, "Mrs. Huff I did it wrong, I wrote more than the beginning and ending sound." LOL!

Sounding out words.

I got the cookies from Julie Lee's Day 100 pack. I used several of her activities I purchased from her pack. It was good to have some new, fresh ideas for Day 100! The cookie monster is from The kids were supposed to glue the cookies in 10 groups of 10 but some of us were a little tired by the end of the day.

YAY! Day 100

Ok, I have to explain. We read a Day 100 story last week about building  with 100 blocks and another story had  a classroom building with 100 straws or something like that. One of my students has a brother who does speed cup stacking and he said they like to build pyramids at home with cups.So I found 100 cups at Kroger and one of our centers for Day 100 was build a structure with 100 cups...cooperatively. THEY.LOVED.THIS. Then one of my kids broke out into song "Red Solo Cups" which I totally didn't think about this when I bought the cups. My student teacher made fun of me saying how I'm teaching the children to party at a young age....LOL. We lost 2 cups as casualties (stepped on) but they BEGGED me to get this out as a center again this week.

After reading "The Wolf's Chicken Stew" I made 100 little chicks and wrote numbers 1-100 on them. The kids had to pull a chick out of the box and find the corresponding number on the 100's chart and color it. This was an EXCELLENT center for those higher level math kids. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I am pretty sure that my students would break out singing...Red Solo Cup...HE HE HE