Sunday, December 18, 2011

Reindeer, Menorahs, Parent Gifts

We labeled our reindeer a few times in class then this was a center where the kids had  a picture of a reindeer and they had to label it themselves. 

Counting by 5's from 0 to 100. Again, this became a center where I made a recording sheet with a reindeer and a space under the picture so they could record the number.

Easy easy parent gift. I found clear plastic ornaments at Michael's crafts. 50 cents for 6. Kids filled the ornament with sequins, I had them glue their picture on the front. They got a sheet of tissue paper, wrapped the ornament in the tissue paper then put in a treat bag. I tied it with a ribbon and they chose a card to write on and I tied it on the ribbon.

They love using sharpies!

Felt bags from Target. Good for portable centers and card games.

Comparing and contrasting Rudolph with wild reindeer. We read several reindeer/deer stories this week.

Santa nonsense or real words. Good for NWF if you do DIBELS

Candle honor of the Menorah.

I found these dreidels at Target. 2 for a dollar so I bought 2 packages for  centers. The kids would spin the dreidel  and color what color the dreidel landed on. They loved this!

Cute Menorah puzzle, also from Target. I put this in a center with other activities.

My kids LOVE these. This is their favorite center. Sometimes I think 9 dice are a little too many so I might give them 7 or 5. We do them as a group and as a center.

More math from Deanna Jump's Christmas pack.


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  2. Love the NWF game - did you make that or get it from somewhere on TPT?