Friday, December 16, 2011

Candy, Gingy and Sweets

Ordering Gingerbread men by ordinal numbers.

CUTE book I got from the book fair.

This recording sheet goes with the cards below. Kids counted the sweets a the top of the card then the bottom of the card and added them together.  A few kids could look at the numbers ex...2 and 5 and automatically know the answer was 7 but most needed to count the sweets to figure the answer.

I gave the kids a cup of 10 gingerbread men (from oriental trading) and had them sprinkle them on the gingy house. They wrote how many were ON the house and how many were OFF the house. The answer is always 10.

I made a recording sheet with about 10 of our popcorn words and some were repeated. I had the kids pull a candy card out of the candy jar and find the word on the recording sheet and dot with a bingo dotter.

Candy dice graph. Roll, X then add up the numbers at the end of the center.

This was a little difficult. Kids had to match the number word above the gingy man with the number word on the gingy card and record the number in the box.

Similar activity as above.

My kids ADORE playing Candy Land.

Flip over the cookie and record the word.


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun in your classroom! Love all of those activities!! :)

    Kindergarten Is A Hoot

  2. Love all these activities and I would appreciate a copy is you are willing. Thanks!

  3. These are great ideas. Where did you get the cookie center from? That is super adorable and I bet the kids have a ball with them. My email address is