Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quick and Easy Games for Halloween Centers

A late night shopping trip at the local Drug Mart....these are just vinyl placemats and round stickers. For this one the kids start at "GO", roll the dice, move their teddy bear or unifix cube and say the letter they land on. My kids LOVED this..they called it the "Skeleton Dancing Game". 

This game we called the "Haunted House" game, same concept as above but the kids had to say the number they landed on.

My husband made a trip to Halloween City...you know one of those pop up stores in a strip mall ...and I told him to bring me back something I can use in my classroom like mini mice or roaches or erasers. He came back with this...I love it! I will put it in a math center of some kind!

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  1. so cute...headed to my local store to see if they have anything similar, thanks for sharing!