Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mammals, Moms and Amphibians

Counting by 5's. Each mammal had stickers on it, the kids counted by 5's and wrote the number.

Mammal/Not a mammal sort

Drawing/Labeling Mammals.

Painting bumps on toads.

Life cycle puzzles

I got these flags several years ago from Oriental Trading. on sale!

Toad/Frog Venn

Toad puppet

Mother Knows Best. Kids had to match the picture on Mother Kangaroo's tummy with the correct sentence then write the sentence.

Using various pictures and drawing/labeling animal pictures.

Some cute Mother's Day books.

Writing a note on why we love our Mom.

We made pots for Mother's Day. I wrote names of each child on their pot and "Kindergarten" .

Decorated bag to hold our Mother's Day pot.

I purchased some marigolds on sale to put in the Mother's Day pot.

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  1. Are you willing to share your activity sheets? I would love to use these with my zoo unit coming up. I usually do a lot with mammals/non mammals. Thanks in advance, if so!