Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kinder Organizing!

Check out some of these other teacher blogs that talk about classroom organization.
I love to be organized at home and at school. I have a sub folder that I update each year.  On my laptop I have saved documents "all day sub plans", "a.m. sub plans" and "p.m. sub plans". The times don't change but the activities and specials might. My sub folders includes important information about students with special needs, office/nurse phone numbers and emergency procedures. I also have a binder for those little stickers (sorted by theme/season) and our master schedule, duty schedule and yearly calendar printout we get at the beginning of the year.

My I use tons of clear storage bins and baskets for the many manipulatives I have: sorting pieces, math games, books, supplies, etc. I took a Math Their Way workshop about 10 years ago (when VCR tapes were still being used!!) and one teacher suggested going to Sam's and buying clear VCR tape storage boxes for their sorting items.
 I have a cart near my easel I use for morning message/interactive writing supplies (markers, hi lighting tape, post it notes, wikki stix).
 Each child has their own cubby box for supplies and I have boxes for community supplies if someone needs a glue or pair of scissors.
 Here is my daily jobs chart and my center board.
We either do "green" names for heterogeneous groupings or "purple" names for homogeneous groups; mostly for when I do guided reading/writing. My blue pocket chart is perfect for my center icon pictures that change daily or weekly.

Next year I'm investing in this for my daily lessons/organization.

 I also have the coolest drawers that are perfect for storing posters and pocket chart strips.
One thing I did last summer was use images from the internet, DJ inkers clip art and a Lakeshore Learning magazine and I cut out pictures and taped them to boxes or shelves to help the kids with finding where things go when we clean up.
The BEST thing I ever did was break down and buy clear plastic boxes for the floor puzzles. Every year my classes LOVE floor puzzles so I bought 20 or so boxes, taped a picture of the completed puzzle on the side of the box and yahhoooo, no more lost puzzle pieces and broken, torn up puzzle boxes.
Lastly, I COULD NOT do anything without my LAPTOP. 99% of the websites/blogs I frequent are blocked at school.  I have a ton of DJ inkers clip art cd's which I use to make things and I save them on my laptop. My school does not have a color printer so most of the stuff I make has to be made/printed at home. Thank you to my husband for buying me this laptop last year.
Here is an overall picture of my classroom.


  1. Getting organized and keeping yourself organized is an on-going battle. Kuddos to you! Everything looks lovely.

  2. Great ideas! I love plastic bins too :)

  3. Your room looks great! Organization is not my strength so I love to see how others are doing it to get inspired to re-organize my junk. Thanks!