Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beauty Parlor Bear Community Helper

Beauty Parlor Bear

Community Helpers/Career Day

I forgot to include this in my last post of Plants. I made this game called "real or fake" where the kids selected a flower and read the word on the flower. If it is a real word they wrote it in the real column, fake words go in the fake column. I made the words pretty easy so it was obvious. It was cute to listen to them try and sound out the fake words. 

Adding up groceries. My kids are getting so good with this!

Adding up doctors and nurses.

Doctoring up sentences. They did very well with this. I'm going to do a similar activity next week with Mother's day.

Simple center game.

The numbers were on the back of the mailboxes.

Match the vet with the dog to make rhyming pairs. Write both words. Dig/pig, tree/bee, etc.

Grab a teacher and stamp the word.

Adding together mirrors and beauticians.

Adding together librarian and books. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Plants and Such

We did a lot with "Jack and the Beanstalk" so I made this before and after paper. I wrote a number in the bean and the kids had to write what came before and after. Challenging for some.

Several of my Jack stories has the cow named "Milky White" so I made a Milky White color word activity.

Jack story elements.

Bean sequence with sentences.

Sorting ACK words with Jack and EN words with Hen

I bought packs of those 16 bean soup beans and the kids enjoyed sorting them and making pictures with them.

Numbers/Number words

The book below, "Seeds Seeds Seeds" was our inspiration